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Title: Johns-Man

ille Sound Control Catalog

Publication Date: 1946

Asbestos References:

ille Sanacoustic Units are described as being composed of metal, rock wool, and asbestos. There are pictures of them being used for ceiling. One picture shows them being used with fluorescent lighting.

Transite Acoustical Panels are described as being made with asbestos cement. There are pictures of them being used and diagrams showing construction details.


ille Sound Control
15 page brochure or sales catalog

Condition: Acceptable. Unfortunately, the co

ers ha

e been separated (torn apart), and the back co

er is torn along the edge with a section of the margin area missing. Howe

er, this does not effect the text. There is also some wear to the pages and edge surfaces including an additional edge tear. The pages are all loose.

Pages: 15

SKU: 671

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