Books about Asbestos Products used in Schools

According to these catalogs, asbestos floor tile was recommended for schools. Also, asbestos containing laboratory equipment may have been used in chemistry and other science classes during the 1960s and 1970s. It's possible that teachers and students were exposed to asbestos fibers.

Johns-Manville Documentation: Asbestos Flexboard

Johns-Manville Documentation: Asbestos Flexboard (1952)
Asbestos Flexboard was used for walls and ceilings. Many uses listed, including school rooms, Naval structures, and more.

Ruberoid Flooring and Tile Catalog

Ruberoid Flooring and Tile Catalog
Circa 1968. Ruberoid Vinyl Asbestos Floor Tile for use in schools, hospitals, stores, commercial buildings, etc. Color choices and patterns.

Duraflex Asphalt Tile Brochure

Duraflex Asphalt Tile Brochure
Tile contained asbestos and was used in schools, hospitals, and more.

Welch Laboratory Apparatus Catalog

Welch Laboratory Apparatus Catalog (1963)
Features asbestos products used in schools and labs.

Stansi Laboratory Apparatus Catalog No. 164

Stansi Laboratory Apparatus Catalog No. 164 (1963)
Manufacturer and distributor of science apparatus for schools and colleges. Ovens with asbestos insulation, asbestos mineral sample, and more asbestos products.


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