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Title: Johns-Man

ille Documentation: Transite Building Sewer Pipe

Publication Date: 1953

Asbestos References:
This document says that Transite Building Sewer Pipe was designed for house connection ser

ice. It says that Transite pipe is made of asbestos fibers, portland cement and silica. It says that the field cut end of Transite pipe can be machined on the job and these is an accompanying picture. Contents include description, dimensions and weights, ad

antages, pictures showing the method of assembling Transite building sewer pipe, and diagrams of the pipe and fittings.


ille Documentation
Transite Building Sewer Pipe

This document is 4 pages. It is dated March 1953.

Condition: Good. Minor wear. Hole-punched for use in a binder.

Pages: 4

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