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Title: Sound Control and Thermal Insulation of Buildings

Author: Paul Dunham Close

Publisher: Reinhold Publishing Corporation

Publication Date: 1966

Asbestos References:
There are several page covering asbestos products. Some of the references include:
- Table on Perforated Asbestos Cement Board Panels with Mineral Fiber Pads lists information on products from Armstrong Cork Co, Elof Hansson Inc, Wood Conversion Co, Johns-Manville Sales Corp, Wood Conversion Co, National Gypsum Co, and The Celotex Co. Brand names include Gold Bond, Hansonite, Lo-Tone, & Transite.
- Table entitled "FHA Impact Noise Ratings for Steel Joist Floors" has information about floors finished with vinyl asbestos tiles.
- Use of Asbestos-Cement Board is mentioned in a section on types of thermal building insulation.

This is a technical book with detailed charts and information about different kinds of insulation and how it should be installed for optimal noise control and thermal insulation.

Condition: No dustjacket. Ex-library with stickers, stamps, card pocket, and usual marks. Pages are mostly clean and unmarked.

Pages: 502

Binding: Hardcover

Weight: 2lb 2oz

Dimensions: 6.25" x 9.00"

SKU: 326


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