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Title: SprayKote Catalog 1940s

Author: Sprayed Insulation Inc

Asbestos References:
None. This catalog does NOT mention asbestos.

SprayKote 4 Page Catalog
Distributed Nationally by Sprayed Insulation Inc
Undated, circa 1940s

SprayKote is described as acoustical fibre insulation for spray gun application.
It says that is is appro

ed by the United States go

It's described as fire-proof, water-repellent, and


Applications described:
- Boiler Room Insulation
- Cold Room Insulation
- For Acoustical Correction
- for Sound Deadening
- for Condensation Control

This catalog has black & white pictures of installations.
There is also a short list of places it was used, including Lakehurst Na

al Terminal, New York Housing Authority, and other places.

Condition: Very Good. Minor wear.

Pages: 4

SKU: 775

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