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Title: Super

isors Safety Manual

Author: National Safety Council, Chicago, USA

Publication Date: 1964

Edition: 2nd

Asbestos References:
This book says:

"Approximately two-thirds of all occupational disease exposures fall under the following three classificatins:
1. Exposurs to organic, nonmetallic dusts, mostly from grinding. This group includes exposures to silica and asbestos.
2. Exposures to lead and its components.
3. Exposures to carbon monoxide."

"A process which produces dust fine enough to remain suspended in the air while it is being breathed should be regarded as questionable until it has been pro

ed safe."
(Page 138)

From the Chapter on Personal Protecti

e Equipment:

Asbestos suits are described: "Aluminized asbestos is used for hea

y duty suits"
Asbesots clothing described: "Asbestos is used as protection against intense conducted head and against flames. When used with a radiation barrier of reflecti

e material, asbestos offers excellent protection in fire-fighting and rescue work."
Asbestos Glo

es are mentioned.

Section on Respiratory protecti

e equipment:

Mentions that there is a type of mechanical filter respirator for asbestos.

Chapter on Fire Pre

ention and Control has a section on Welding which mentions the use of asbestos blankets to co

er wood floors.

1961 Edition, 4th Printing, June 1964 This book has information on personal protecti

e equipment, health and industrial hygiene, materials handling and storage, fire pre

ention and control, as well as other topics about pre

enting accidents and sickness.

Additional Information:

This book recommends the use of preplacement physical examinations, periodic examinations, and special examinations..

Here's one quote from this section:

"For exposures to materials which accumulate more slowly in the body, like insoluable lead compounds or silica, periodic examinations might at first be gi

en monthly and then semiannually or annually as experience with the process de


This book also has information on the use of Local Exhaust.

Condition: Acceptable. Co

ers ha

e wear. Notes to endpapers. Some pages ha

e underlining, bracketing, and a few notes.

Pages: 367

Binding: Hardcover

Weight: 1lb 9oz

Dimensions: 6.00" x 8.75"

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