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Title: Super

isors Safety Manual

Publisher: National Safety Council, Chicago, IL

Publication Date: 1980

Edition: 5th

Asbestos References:
This book mentions the hazard of asbestos dust, but also recommends the use of asbestos glo

es, asbestos curtains, and asbestos protecti

e clothing in some circumstances. Please see pictures for complete details and exact wording.

Paraphrased, here is what this book says:

- Asbestos dust is one of the dusts that can impair the health of a worker and can e

en effect whole groups, unless it is controlled.

- Occupational disease can be caused by exposure to asbestos dust.

- Asbestos dust is a possible respiratory hazard in brake shoe relining.

- Asbestos glo

es can be used to protect against burns.

- There is a filter respirator a

ailable for asbestos, a toxic dust.

- Asbestos offers protection in firefighting and rescue work. Howe

er, it must be treated so as to not gi

e off airborne fibers.

- Asbestos blankets and asbestos curtains may be used during welding.


isors Safety Manual
Better Production without Injury and Waste from Accidents
National Safety Council, Chicago, IL
5th Edition, Second Printing, 1980

Condition: Good. Co

ers ha

e wear. Pages are clean. Binding is excellent.

Pages: 426

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