The Bluejackets' Manual (1989)

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Title: The Bluejackets' Manual

Publisher: United States Naval Institute

Publication Date: 1989

Edition: 20th

Asbestos References:
The index references "asbestos suit" on page 337.... Going to page 337, the suit is called a "proximity suit." Below is a scan of that page, which describes how it can be used.

For sale separately, we have a 1960s Bluejackets' Manual that describes the proximity suit as being a combination of "glass fiber and asbestos suit - with its aluminized surface".... Please note that the twentieth edition for sale here does NOT describe what the proximity suit was made out of!

The Bluejackets' Manual
Twentieth Edition
Paperback, 639 pages.
Copyright 1978 by the United States Naval Institute
This book is the "Twenty-first printing with corrections through August 1989."

Condition: Unfortunately, this book has some stains (water spots) to page edges (going into the page about 1-2"). Covers have creases, marks, and wear. A few marks to pages.

Pages: 639

Binding: Paperback

Weight: 1lb 10oz

Dimensions: 5.25" x 8.25"

SKU: 423

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