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Title: Atlas Asbestos Turnall Building Materials Catalog

Author: Bell Asbestos Mines Ltd

Asbestos References:
This catalog describes the following asbestos-cement products. The word asbestos is mentioned in their description of each product. Uses and available sizes are described.

Turnall Insulpanel (building panels)
Turnall Bipanel
Turnall Trafford Tile (for wall and roof areas)
Turnall Corrugated Board
Turnall Cavity Deck
Turnall T-Deck (a roof deck)
Turnall Superbestos (widely used in hospitals, pulp and paper mills, garages, hangars, lumber storage sheds, paint shops, chemical plants, etc)
Turnall Apac
Turnall Linabestos
Turnall Sheetflextos
Turnall Plastic Coated Siding Shakes and Shingles (for residential use)
Turnall Asbestos Ships Board
Turnall Asbestos L.D.R. Panels
Turnall Perforated Asbestos Board
Turnall Patio Pots (Photo shows them as plant pots for outside)
Turnall Promenade Tile
Turnall Asbestos Granitone

Circa 1965, but not dated.
4 Pages (2 Sheets Only - Printed on Front and Back)
Atlas Asbestos Company, a division of Bell Asbestos Mines Ltd
Although they were based in Canada, this is the USA catalog with the USA Agent listed on the cover.

Condition: Good, clean pages.

Pages: 4

SKU: 1152

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