Books about Asbestos Use in Valves

Valves frequently had asbestos packing and gaskets. This was particularly true for valves that were used with corrosive or acidic liquids. Different types of asbestos were used depending on the application. In later years, asbestos was sometimes mixed with Tetrafluoroethylene (TFE).

Control Valve Handbook

Control Valve Handbook (1977)
Fisher Controls. TFE-Impregnated Asbestos, Graphited Asbestos, and Semi-Metallic Packing.

Crane Engineering Data Catalog

Crane Engineering Data Catalog (1976)
Detailed description of asbestos valve packing and gaskets.

W-K-M Valves Catalog

W-K-M Valves Catalog (1967)
WKM Valve Division of ACF Industries Incorporated. Valve contained TFE-asbestos packing.

Powers Regulator Company Advertisement

Powers Regulator Company Advertisement
Powers Flowrite Valves were furnished with Powers #590 Teflon Graphited-Asbestos Packing.

C. A. Dunham Company Advertisement

C. A. Dunham Company Advertisement
Radiator valve contained an asbestos ring.

O C Keckley Advertisement

O C Keckley Advertisement (1943)
Copper asbestos gaskets used in valves.

Clayton Mark Ball Valves Catalog

Clayton Mark Ball Valves Catalog (1968)
Petro Fire-Gard Valves contained asbestos components.

Vogt Valves Advertisement

Vogt Valves Advertisement
Vogt Forged Steel Flow Control Valves had steel-Asbestos gaskets.

Dresser Manufacturing Advertisement

Dresser Manufacturing Advertisement
Circa 1972. Dresser Industries. Asbestos cement used in M&H Gate Valves.

Rockwood Ball Valves Advertisement

Rockwood Ball Valves Advertisement
Eagle Signal, division of the E. W. Bliss Company. 1960s. Asbestos valve packing.

Maurice A. Knight Advertisement

Maurice A. Knight Advertisement
Circa 1924. Knight-Merco Plug Valves contained asbestos packing.

Nicholson Traps, Floats, and Valves Catalog

Nicholson Traps, Floats, and Valves Catalog
Circa 1952. Valves contained rubber or asbestos gaskets.

The Fairbanks Company Advertisement

The Fairbanks Company Advertisement
1940s. WWII era. Asbestos Packed Cocks.

R-P&C Valves Catalog 9

R-P&C Valves Catalog 9 (1954)
Stuffing boxes contained asbestos packing.

Fairbanks Valves Catalog

Fairbanks Valves Catalog (1912)
Asbestos & Rubber Renewable Vulcabeston Disc Ring. Vulcanized Asbestos Packed Brass & Iron Cocks.

Lunkenheimer Valves Catalog 72

Lunkenheimer Valves Catalog 72 (1971)
Valves with teflon impregnated asbestos packing, African blue asbestos packing, graphited asbestos with inconel wire insert, and braided asbestos jacket.

Stockham Bronze and Iron Body Valves: Catalog 50V

Stockham Bronze and Iron Body Valves: Catalog 50V (1950)
Stockham Valves & Fittings Company sold valves with asbestos packing.

Grinnell Catalog G-69

Grinnell Catalog G-69 (1969)
Kennedy Valves and Jenkins Valves. Asbestos gaskets, packing, and more.

Vogt Catalog F-11

Vogt Catalog F-11 (1970)
Asbestos used for packings and gaskets.

Fairbanks Valves Catalog 57

Fairbanks Valves Catalog 57 (1956)
Valves with asbestos packing in the stuffing boxes or asbestos composition discs.

Kennedy Catalog No. 78

Kennedy Catalog No. 78 (1955)
Asbestos packing used in valves. Asbestos composition discs. Asbestos Pipe used for connections.

Lunkenheimer Valves Catalog No. 60

Lunkenheimer Valves Catalog No. 60 (1960)
African blue asbestos packing and graphited asbestos packing for valves.


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