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Title: Grace Construction Materials Catalog

Asbestos References:
- Asphalt Plank, Asphaltic Composition Flooring is described as containing asbestos. It was designed for heavy traffic spaces and was used under bridges, on underpasses, in industrial plants, warehouses, garages.

- Dehydratine 6 Mastic - contained asbestos fiber. This was used for a coating on terra cotta, brick, block masonry walls, parapets, fire walls, and more.

- Dehydratine 10 Semi-Mastic - heavily reinforced with asbestos

Grace Construction Materials
A. C. Horn / Darex / Servicised
Dewey and Almy Chemical Division
W. R. Grace & Co

Additional Information:
This is a comprehensive catalog covering caulks, sealants, floor materials, waterproofing, adhesives and bonding agents, technical coatings, Darex admixtures, Servicised products, premolded joint fillers, joint sealing compounds, sealing strips, waterstops, bridge products, concrete curing compounds, and specialty products.

DATE: Circa 1966, but no date listed.

Condition: Good. Some wear to front cover page, as pictured. Pages are not bound together.

Pages: 31

SKU: 963

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