Books About Asbestos Use in Pipes that Carry Drinking Water

Here are books about Water Distribution or Waterworks. Asbestos-cement pipes were used for water distribution. Cutting asbestos pipe while dry is dangerous because of the asbestos dust it causes. Some older manuals, like the Johns-Manville Transite Pipe manuals from the 1950s and 1960s, describe this practice. Today, construction workers need to be aware that older pipe may contain asbestos and should take correct precautions. Asbestos cement water pipes are also a concern for the general public since their decay may cause asbestos to contaminate the drinking water supply.

Spring Load Tools Advertisement

Spring Load Tools Advertisement
Advertisement for Asbestos-Cement Pipe Cutter and Machining and Tapering Tool.

Transite Pressure Pipe Documentation

Transite Pressure Pipe Documentation (1949)
Transite Pressure Pipe used in waterworks throughout the United States.

Fibrolite Water Pipes Advertisement

Fibrolite Water Pipes Advertisement (1953)
Hardie's Fibrolite Asbestos-Cement High Pressure Pipes for water supply. James Hardie & Coy Pty Ltd (Australia)

Fibrolite Water Pipes

Fibrolite Water Pipes "Light Weight" Advertisement (1954)
James Hardie & Coy Pty Ltd (Australian Asbestos Company)

Deming Pumps Commercial Catalog C-54

Deming Pumps Commercial Catalog C-54 (1954)
Asbestos filled copper gasket used in water systems and pumps.

Water Supply Engineering

Water Supply Engineering (1959)
Describes the use of asbestos cement pipe. Also, compounds containing asbestos were used for joints in water pipes.


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