Books about Welding and Asbestos Use

Welders may have been exposed to asbestos. Instruction books for welding often mentioned the use of asbestos blankets, asbestos shields, and asbestos protective clothing. Since asbestos doesn't catch fire, it was often used to protect nearby objects. Asbestos gloves and aprons may have been worn by welders as well. This hazard effects welders in the U.S. Navy and many industries.

Welding Related Products that contained Asbestos

  • Asbestos coated welding rods were manufactured by Lincoln Electric Company from the 1930s to the early 1980s. The rods that were classified as "6010" by the American Welding Society had a 5%-15% asbestos coating. Hobart Brothers welding rods also contained asbestos.
  • Asbestos paper was used to cool welded parts slowly. It was used when welding automobile body and heavy machinery. The 1972 book, The Oxy-Acetylene Weldor's Handbook, details how asbestos paper should be used in the welding shop. Asbestos paper use is also described in the Navy's book on Aircraft Welding. It was also standard practice for Airplane Weldors, as described in the 1944 Aircraft Welding Navy Manual.
  • Asbestos powder may have been used by weldors. The Oxy- Acetylene Weldor's Handbook describes it as "extremely valuable" and as having similar uses as asbestos paper. It is suggested as an alternative to carbon.
  • Asbestos blanket use was recommended by the National Safety Council to protect floors from fire hazard while welding. This was a longstanding practice, as it is mentioned in both the 1964 edition of the Supervisors Safety Manual and the later 1980 edition.
  • Weldors sometimes wore Asbestos clothing, such as aprons, sleeves, jackets, gloves and overalls to protect themselves from flames. The 1956 U.S. Navy training manual "Metalsmith 3 & 2" specifically mentions asbestos protective clothing for medium and heavy gas welding, electric welding, and overhead welding.

Welding Related Legal Cases won by Mesothelioma Lawyers

  • In 2004, Mesothelioma Attorneys Levy Konigsberg LLP won a case against Lincoln Electric Company regarding their asbestos containing welding rods. It was the first-ever asbestos verdict regarding welding rods.

Aircraft Welding: Navy Training Courses Navpers 10322-A

Aircraft Welding: Navy Training Courses Navpers 10322-A (1953)
Book about welding airplane parts. Asbestos use mentioned in several chapters. U.S. Navy training manual for the Aviation Structural Mechanic rating.

Supervisors Safety Manual

Supervisors Safety Manual (1964)
Describes asbestos caused occupational diseases. Also info on asbestos suits, asbestos clothing, and respirators. Recommends asbestos blankets for use during welding.

Supervisors Safety Manual

Supervisors Safety Manual (1980)
Occupational diseases caused by asbestos dust. Uses of asbestos, including the use of asbestos blankets and curtains for protection during welding operations.

The Oxy-Acetylene Weldor's Handbook

The Oxy-Acetylene Weldor's Handbook (1972)
Book has Craftsman (Sears) logo. Asbestos paper and asbestos powder used in welding shops.


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