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Title: Welding Fittings and Flanges: Grinnell Catalog WFF-69

Author: Grinnell Corporation, Providence, R.I.

Publication Date: 1969

Asbestos References:
Asbestos gaskets are referenced on three pages, each time as part of the description of the orifices.

Specific quotes are:

"Unions 24 inch and smaller furnished with carbon steel, regular square head bolts with USAS heavy series hex nuts and two compressed asbestos gaskets."
... and ...
"Two compressed asbestos composition gaskets furnished with raised face unions 24 inch and smaller; gaskets not furnished with larger sizes."

Also of possible interest, the description of the orifices references the ASTM A105 code and also says that "ASTM A105 is same as ASME Boiler Construction Code Specification SA105."

Welding Fittings and Flanges
Grinnell Catalog WFF-69

Condition: Acceptable. Covers have wear and stains. Some pages have a stain, similar to the stain pictured on the table of contents page.

Pages: 96

Binding: Paperback

Weight: 11oz

Dimensions: 8.25" x 11.00"

SKU: 473

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